Small Joys – Laundry

One of the questions we constantly are asked ‘Where do you do laundry”? Well, until recently it was always a trip to the boat yard to use the facilities there, but after having the machines often full and paying £7 a time, it was time to convert the engine bay into a ‘laundry room’.

We could not have a typical washing and dryer, due to power usage and space, so the research began for alternatives. We ended up with a comical combination of a twin tub and DriBuddi. About 6 weeks in,  our clothes are smelling cleaning and coming out dry! On nice days we can even do the laundry outside. But we do have to laugh that laundry now involves getting the garden hose and vacuum hose to get the set up complete.


Cheers to clean laundry!


Life: From Walk In to Locker

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When I told people I was moving from a condo to a narrow boat, one of the first questions was also ways ‘where are you going to put your stuff?’ Especially, as I did have a rather large shoe collection. To me the answer was simple, I would give loads away to charity and simply take what I actually wear and what I actually need to wear. As most of us know, we can have a closest full of clothes, yet we end up washing the same pieces of clothes every week. So why does the thought of downsizing from a walk in closet to a 12 foot wide school locker scare most people? 

I have to say it has been a rather easy choice and one that has actually freed me to feel more creative in what I actually choose to wear on a daily basis. I know what my wardrobe building blocks are and then can, like if I was building a lego house, pick the perfect pieces to create the latest Pinterest outfit I just happened to love.

Is it always easy? Well no, it does take a level of shopping discipline. What I mean by that is being wise on the select pieces that are allowed to take up such valuable real estate in the closet. Last fall I was going through a grey kick and over the course of different shopping trips I picked up a grey puffy, grey jeans, grey shoes and a grey purse. Yes, I know I had a grey issue, but I also had a bigger issue of not looking like a grey salmon every time I walked out the door. With lesson learned, I have worn out all the grey purchases of last fall and have replaced them with tan boots, a new grey leather coat, a purple burgundy bag and black jeans! The fear of looking like a grey salmon has been removed! Another joy of having fewer clothes is actually wearing out clothes to the point that they need to be replaced, not that they happen to be out fashion or tired of taking up space.

So for anyone brave enough to take the plunge, I highly recommend down-sizing the closets to only the pieces that are needed! Enjoy the freedom of knowing what is in your closet!

Happy Small Space Living!