Meet: Chilly, our newest family member

ChillyWe are proud to say we have a new member of the family!  With everyone seeming to fill our Facebook streams with photos of their new family members, we thought it was only fair to share our exciting news. We searched long hours for Chilly, with very strict requirements. Chilly needed to be a good friend to the dog, by producing cool air, dehumidify the air, not need too many amps to trip the power, and fit somewhere on this tiny boat of ours. Well Chilly has successfully met all those requirements! After a little modification to what was a storage closet, Chilly has a new home and Kos now has a new friend.

Like with project warmth, keeping these boats the right temperature takes a balancing act. They are basically just large cars, so they heat up easily in the sun.  We knew we needed something that we could turn on, set at a certain temperature and trust it would keep the boat at that temperature. So far, we are very happy with Chilly, we will let you know if that changes.

From the practical side of life, we looked at our favorite amazon for portable air conditioners, but actually found ours second hand at a third of the cost!

So cheers to Chilly and a cool summer on the boat!