Life: 12 Lessons in the last 12 months

It has been a little over 12 months in our narrowboat, we have made a lot of changes and have learned about the true realities of living in it. So here our 12 observations, lessons and tidbits we have experienced:

  1. A school locker is all the closet you need, not the walk in that use to be reality.
  2. True community still exists, especially when surrounded with like minded people.
  3. There are great joys waking up to Swans swimming by your window.
  4. If it is cold in the morning, the boat can heat up in 5 minutes. Similarly, if it is really hot, it can be cool in about 10 minutes.
  5. Always turn the water tank off before getting into bed or it will keep you up all night.
  6. To watch the TV, the front doors must be open to get reception.
  7. Getting something out of storage usually first means strategically removing the 5 items around it first.
  8. Patience…. is very much needed. Especially when things happen like all you want to do is take a shower, however the water tank runs out of the water and so has the gas for hot water.
  9. ‘Did you feel the water tank?’ has become a normal question to ask…
  10. So has ‘Can you turn the shower pump on’
  11. And ‘can you stand on stand on this side of the boat so it can drain?’
  12. Finally, WE LOVE IT! Living in a small space is a really great way to live. A golden, a man and a lady can live very well in 250 sq ft.

So if you are thinking about living in a small place, know it is possible!


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