Life: 5 Lessons in the first 5 months

gas bottle

It has been 5 months that we have been on the boat and we laugh at a few of the lessons we have learned….

  1. New meaning for the word ‘Multi Function Room’ – Our bedroom is also the walk-in-closet/ reception room/ study/ library/ dog room
  2. No need for a gym membership – life now includes filling water tanks, lugging gas bottles, chopping wood, boat yoga to enter or exit, and balancing skills to batten down the hatches around the whole boat
  3. Showers include new steps -checking water tank is full, taking up the floor boards, moving faucet to become the shower head, turning on a pump and making sure everyone is on the port side of the boat so the water can reach the pump
  4. ‘Starter Home’ – Yes, we have always called this our starter home, but now we do also have to start the boat. As everyone says you need to keep the engine working, so we start the home every month
  5. Water Vac armed and ready – Never know when you are going to find a little water in the engine bay from running the engine or under a floor board from the evenings storm so we keep the vacuum handy

Happy Boat Living!


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