Project: Warmth

A project to make a narrowboat nice and warm in the winter months of England

With the cold winter months coming near, it was time to make the boat nice and toasty, something we nicknamed ‘project warmth’.

Thanks to a day of work, project warmth is complete with:

  • Electric Radiators- Thank you to our favorite online shopper, amazon, we had two fantastic wall mounted radiators! They take up very little room and supposedly the electric consumption is pretty good. We have placed a 2kw one in the living room and a 400w one in the bedroom. They heat up quick and make a world of difference
  • Double Glazing – For all the windows, we did the old school double glazing. Plastic, double sided tape, hair dryer and we have much more insulated windows! We picked up two kits to do all our windows from a local B&Q. 
  • Rugs – 2 more rugs were added to the living room and the one in the living room was moved to the bedroom. It makes a world of difference being able to have carpet under your feet in the morning
  • Electric Blanket – Being inspired by heated car seats, we got a heated blanket to put on the couch. It is fabulous to snuggle into and have your whole body heated. Yes never something that was thought to be needed, but fabulous.

Now time to get a cup of hot chocolate, a good book and relax in our toasty boat.



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