Updating: Kitchen

Narrowboat Kitchen Update

The kitchen has been a fun task for us and did take a little more work than we thought it would, especially when we discovered there were 3 layers of tile on the wall. From what we can gather, when the previous owners felt like changing the tile, they just added the new ones straight onto the old ones. We are hoping they thought the tiles would just add a little extra needed weight to that side of the boat.

So here is a run down of what was all included in the kitchen update:

  • Tile – After removing the 3 layers of previous tile, we stayed with the white theme and picked little white mosaic tiles for the back splash and behind the stove. Thank you again to amazon for delivering these very quickly for us
  • Cabinet Base – The base was actually in pretty good shape, so instead of ripping it out we just painted it white.
  • Counter Top – As the more white we added to the boat, the more the space opened up, so we kept this trend going for the counter top. Thank you to Selffit for a fast delivery of the second countertop. Yes, we did go through 2 countertops, as the first one we ordered was about a foot too short. Oh well, it is all part of the learning!
  • Sink – With the new countertop came a new sink! A fabulous round and shining silver sink, another ikea purchase. The original sink was a special style of cream on the top part that gradually changed to a dark brown at the base, we are just assuming it was on purpose.
  • Rods & Baskets – Given that we only have one cabinet and one working draw, space is always something we are looking for! So onto the wall went 3 rods for hanging baskets to hold cups, silverware and other kitchen essentials. Thanks to ikea for always having these small space essentials.

Overall the kitchen has turned out wonderful and we have enjoyed starting to use the little space. Even though it is small, it has already proven it can make amazing meals!


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