Updating: The Bedroom

Bedroom NarrowboatWhen we purchased the boat we knew the space in the bedroom could be used much better. Originally, as you can see in the top right hand phone, the bed just took up the whole 6ftx6ft space. The bed could be broken apart to make two benches, yet the space still did not seemed to be used to its full capacity. Our goal was to get two closets and a bed in space, while still being able to walk around and get out the back door.

Luckily, thanks to amazon and a great carpenter, we were able to reach our goal!! The bed is a bench during the day, as seen in the top left hand photo, and slides into a bed at night, as seen in the lower left hand photo. The two closets, are just 12inch wide work lockers we picked up on amazon and had delivered to the boat. The trick with the locker was to get them just tall enough to fit into the boat and stand up!

We have loved the space and use it actually a lot as a reading room, so if you need to redo a very small bedroom we recommend the way we did it!


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