Baking: Attempting Chocolate Almond Cake

Baking in a NarrowboatNow that we have a kitchen, it was time to attempt to bake the first cake! For the first one I wanted something from a british website and seemed like a British classic. After a little google search I came across a fairly easy looking Chocolate almond cake. So off to the store I went, armed with my shopping list including a scale to weight the dry ingredients.

Once back from the store, the baking began and the first thing that I noticed was we did not have a mixing bowl. So like any  good resourceful person, I looked for the next best thing, a soup pot. Next came the scale to measure all the ingredients and get the cake into the gas oven, another new experiment. So following the receipt and starting at gas mark 7 and turning it to gas mark 3, the cake just sat in the oven and really did not do anything for a little while, so back to gas mark 6 we went. Finally the cake passed the old knife test (stick a knife in the center of the cake, if it comes out clean, it is done) and we were ready to try it.

Upon first inspection we did notice one major difference between the pretty cake in the receipt and ours; theirs looked like a chocolate cake and ours looked like a chocolate chip cake. Secondly, thanks to cookings on the boat with a slight slant, our cake had a slight slant as well. Oh well onto the more important part, the taste! Which did pass the test with flying colors! So if you ever want a chocolate chip almond cake with a slight slant, you know where to come!


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