Living Room: A Light, New Floor and an Old Record

Light, Floor, Record

Now that you saw a little of the living room‘s big picture redo, here are a few of the details that just make it home.

Light: We needed something over the couch for reading and laptop work, but really space is so limited that a floor lamp was just not an option. We were at the Columbia Road floor market one Sunday and spotted this one at Open House. It is clipped to a piece of wood on the side of the wall and it works perfectly!

Flooring: When we were in the process of ripping up the old bench in the living room, we noticed that the laminate floor was not under the bench and also was original placed on top of some rather loved carpet. Also when we took out the bookshelf on far right hand side, the floor was routine underneath. So with the old carpet and laminate out and a new floor board replaced, down went wonderful cork floor. Very nice to walk on, good for insulation (as Ed is always worried about insulation) and a nice, clean surface to walk on for us.  Since we have pretty much ordered everything from online, the cork floor was no exception. From Amazon, the wonderful sealed tile’s came the next day thanks to Prime Shipping.

Record: After we had spend a few weeks with the basic’s of the living room done, it was time to put a little color on the wall’s. Like the light, we found this wonderful record case from an alley at the Columbia road flower market. We just loved the picture and thought is was only fitting for a boat findings it’s way in Britain.


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