Hard standing times!…. Still exciting tho!

Buttons or Fenders, your choice...

Right I’m going to skip a few steps and bring you up to date with today.  I’m sure we will recap the by no means small feats we have overcome in finding a residential mooring, not just any one but a central London one!! (We are very lucky) And finding a narrow boat in decent condition, within budget, in the north west and getting it down south all in approximately 6 months, but perhaps we can reflect on that when we are nice and cosy in front of our log burner and finally on board!

At the moment though, I’m sure people may sympathise, we are running into obstacles.  Nothing too major, but it does feel a little like those epic adventure films where our two brave souls are walking for miles and miles, climbing to the very top of energy sapping sand dunes to seek an oasis, only to get to the top and…… Yep more sand dunes!

Today its boat base plate-  having taken advice (and its probably good advice) to employ our man to remove a quarter of an inch of rust from the base plate with an air chisel, black with bitumen and then let it ‘cure’, I find the sands of time getting away from me!  We on blocks in South Dock boat yard since we arrived 1 week ago and we want to be back in the water by next Wednesday for the long awaited, and eagerly anticipated, arrival!!  Yet with the chiselling, blacking and ‘curing’ (a week he recommended) we are going to miss it by a mile.  So I might have to get my brush out over the weekend, let it cure for 48 hours (as I have read some people allow) and get my man to tackle the unreachable areas of the base plate that have sat on blocks whilst it is on the crane on Tuesday with the chisel and quick drying acrylic, then drop it in and hope for the best!  NB some people don’t even bother blacking the hull!!  But as newbie’s we felt it was a good idea.

We have a list of work that’s being carried out with electrics, gas, welding, including a new gas locker, but progress feels painfully slow as our trade’s guys work in their peek season across numerous projects.  I guess splashing back in to the water should be our priority and everything can follow on from that (Sarah does talk sense), but I can tell you steam was coming out of my ears today processing it all!  So let’s see what we can do with sorting this base plate over the next few days and a few more things on my list over the weekend.

Progress however on the buttons, ropes and fenders! Yes!!  Fun touches to smarten her up!


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